CALAFANT – The Great World of Box Play.

Calafant children box play

The fantastical world of imaginative play. CALAFANT’s idea is that children build their own worlds. Calafant’s box models are inspiration for children to create anything they can imagine: knight’s castles, fairytale castles, pony farm or pirate ship – bringing their own adventures to life through play.

Calafant’s cardboard toys can be assembled without tools and glue
All models are made of recyclable cardboard and can be assembled without any glue. Illustrated assembly instructions make them easy to assemble and they can be folded up again after playing and stored in the smallest space in the children’s room. They are stable and versatile – no matter what you assemble them for, they will stand up to your ideas.

The CALAFANT box models promote creative thinking for children.
Construction and crafting promotes creativity – not only scientists, but also parents and teachers know this. Creating your own box model is the beginning of a great adventure – an adventure into the world of imagination. CALAFANT models encourage creative thinking, problem solving and the unfolding of endless stories. By building and playing with these box models, your child’s dreams become reality.

The fun begins with the construction of your CALAFANT box products: Just fold, crease, stick. Depending on the model, you need 15 to 30 minutes to get your new toy ready for use.

Of course, we will accompany you every step of the way: All CALAFANT models come with illustrated assembly instructions to help you with your handicrafts. Building is already part of the fun with us. Try it out, it’s child’s play, but fun for the whole family! (Only younger children may need a little help.)

CALAFANT products are now available at Bazinga Shop, Come and see.

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