A Children’s Subscription Box – The Gift of Creativity

Kids Subscription Box

What is a Subscription Box – Good question! 5 years ago was the first time I learn of the joys of a Subscription box service and it was truly a delight! Once a month curated goods will show up in your mail box and just you try not to feel a tinge of excitement about it – I dare you!

Why are Kids Craft Subscription boxes awesome? Firstly; the aforementioned excitement of running to the mailbox and pulling out the creative goodies is an indescribable joy that every kids just loves! Secondly; Kids Craft Boxes solve the age old ‘I’m bored’ problem. As a mom ( and a firm believer in the non existence of boredom in my house hold ) my daughter is always busy creating something. Lastly; lets talk about the joy of having curated activities being shipped straight to your door – among the 100,000 things you have to do in the day a kids subscription box makes your life just a little bit easier and the ‘Easy’ makes it Awesome!

So, How does it Work? Select your child’s age and a few other preferences and then the last thing to do is sit back and watch your child learn, create and have fun with little-to-no work from you!

But, What’s in the Subscription Boxes?

Each month the boxes are filled with new, innovative projects to do at home, on holiday or when you got friends over. In addition to the project will be a kids magazine containing more theme related learning and activities for the children.

We want children to learn about the importance of taking care of our world and because of this we only source sustainably produced kids crafts and products; mainly wooden or cloth based. Each box has a theme and will encourage learning about something new and then in turn creating something new; essentially offering the most powerful form of play through creativity.

Sign up now for your childs monthly subscription box ; The little Box that Rocks!

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