Collection: The Pinàtas

Add a touch of enchantment to your celebration with Bazinga Shop's Unicorn Filled Pinata – the perfect blend of magic, surprises, and easy party planning! 🦄✨🎉

**What sets Bazinga Shop's Unicorn Filled Pinata apart for your party?**

🌟 **Complete Party Kit:** Elevate your party with our all-inclusive Unicorn Filled Pinata, equipped with a blindfold, toy filling, and a sturdy piñata stick. It's not just a pinata; it's an immersive experience in every swing!

🎁 **Toy Filling Included:** Unleash the joy with a curated assortment of toys tucked inside the pinata. Each hit promises a delightful surprise, making the celebration even more magical.

🕶️ **Blindfold Included:** Heighten the suspense with our complimentary blindfold. It adds an element of surprise, making each swing a thrilling adventure.

🌈 **Generous Size:** Our Pinata's measure a whimsical 40cm x 31cm x 8cm, featuring a pre-made hole and a robust hanging loop at the top. Fill it with up to 5 pounds of pinata fillers, candies, chocolates, or mini toys for a bountiful surprise.

🎉 **Effortless Setup:** Hanging the pinata is a breeze with the pre-made hole and sturdy loop. Fill it with your chosen treats, hang it anywhere, and let the festivities begin.